Few lazy words


Traffic jam

I packed everything up tonight
I burst out of this room
I look at the fast cars

Traffic jam in my mind
Traffic jam on my way
I need a lift, no matter who’s
I jump in the car no matter who’s

Take me where you’re taking yourself
No matter where
We got the same look
Are you looking for something?

Nothing you got
Just stay together
Till we arrive
Be honest
Be wise

Late fragment

We had words in our kisses
We had the wind in our words
We had wind in our feet
We had no walls in these fields

We don’t need to explain

Should it be thunder and lighting
Should it be the sun in your eyes
It gives you light over everything
It makes you shine all

Double spoiling

I clean away the taste of others
And leave it sliding on my face
You let me do it without saying a word
You let me lose myself in you

You open your doors
You pour your wine

You move your hands on my skin
Your lips are tasting the pleasure
Now our spoiling is over
This is our best goodbye

The girl i used to know

I feel so dirty for what I’ve done
I feel so empty for what I’ve said
Sharing the flight we are falling down
Deeper and deeper we are falling down
Gravity against my skin
I feel heaviness in my eyes


Where do you want to go?
I want you sure
Hey, show me your skill
What flows in you
Tell me no lies
Hey, show me your strength
What blinks in your eyes?
Don’t let it fade (away)
Hey, be yourself or I’ll run away

Few lazy words

The ring is strong and clear
A bit dazed I lift the phone up,
I light a fag and I ask who’s speaking?
Your voice is calm, and looks like you
Have you had time enough to think?
You have a puff in your mouth.

Few lazy words, so useless for us

We need tiny incitement
Maybe yours while I caress you slowly
Now we have the same need,
The hand slips between my legs
Before saying goodnight

Few lazy words, so useless for us